Supply Donation from Khan’s Nursery

We’re on track to start building the community & school garden in the upcoming weeks. Gathering supplies like landscape pins, weedblock, cedar lumber and the like was on this week’s agenda. The fine folks over at Khan’sĀ  Nursery in Southwest Ranches, FL were kind enough to donate the weedblock ground cover. We will use the weedblock at the base of the raised bed. Its purpose is to block weeds šŸ™‚ Not only that, it also stops grass or anything else from growing into the garden and using the soil resources we want to keep for our veggies.

Weedblock donated by Khan's Nursery

Weedblock donated by Khan’s Nursery



Khan's Nursery, Southwest Ranches, FL

Khan’s Nursery, Southwest Ranches, FL

If you need landscaping plants, please visit Khan’s Nursery šŸ™‚

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