Drip Irrigation with Rain Barrels

The rain barrels are working wonders. We’ve had a few rainstorms in Miami lately and filled up one barrel near the 1/4 mark! Collecting rain water is one thing, but putting it to use is another.


We've Got Water!

We’ve Got Water!

We needed a way to water the garden without wasting a drop. We became super water-conscious and thought about installing a drip irrigation system. We purchased the 100′ Mr. Soaker Hose kit that’s designed to work with low pressure, gravity-fed systems—just like our rain barrels!

Making measurements count.

Making measurements count with Ishmael.


Cutting the poly tubing

Cutting the poly tubing to attach three way connector and spigot of the barrel (we raised the rain barrel higher so we needed to cut another piece of tubing longer than the one pictured above).

We intended to make the school garden as self-regulated as possible, so we installed a water timer on the rain barrel spigot. We can set the water to turn on and off automatically. How cool is that!

Water timer connected to rain barrel and drip irrigation system.

After all the preparations were complete, we attached a short line of poly tubing to the water timer, and then to some 3-way connectors, soaker hose pieces, elbow joints and voila! We made a total of 3 columns of 12 foot soaker  hoses running down the length of the garden!

Drip irrigation system in place.

Drip irrigation system in place.

Keep checking back for more updates. Humanity is family. Thank you and God bless.

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