Community & School Garden Site Planning

We are very excited to start the community & school garden at the Clara Mohammed School at Masjid Al-Ansar in Liberty City. We picked a nice site that gets over 8 hours of sunlight—enough for the veggies to grow nicely.

Garden Location

Plans are to create the 8 ft x 4 ft raised bed garden in this location. This is just the start, and after this plot, Creator willing, we will plant another. This site has the building on its West end, which casts the shadow seen in the picture as the sun sets. Even though there’s a shadow falling on the garden from the west, we will plant the taller plants and trellises on the north side of the garden. This results in the least amount of shorter plants getting “shaded out” by the taller ones.1

This week we’re picking up supplies like weed blocking ground cover and cedar lumber. Cedar and redwood lumber are more resistant to the elements, bugs, and mold.2

Stay tuned to our site for more information and join us on our journey!

Humanity is family. God bless 🙂


1. We picked up some very useful information from the Miami Dade Cooperative Extension Office. They have a a great “Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide” that can be found at

2. A very informative channel for beginning gardeners with free videos on line is John Kohler’s YouTube channel:


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