Building the Community & School Garden Day 2

Today we learned more and progressed rapidly thanks to the help of Felix. He brought power tools and know-how and really helped speed things up in making the raised bed garden.

Felix showing how it's done.

Felix showing how it’s done.

We placed 16″ stakes every 3 feet starting at the beginning all the way to the end of the 12 foot panel. Instead of making a 4×8 foot garden, we decided that the space offered by a 4×12 foot garden would be more fun!

We finished the sides of the raised bed garden.

Finishing the sides of the raised bed garden.

We placed the garden bed tentatively in place to fill up some loose dirt we dug out earlier. We couldn’t have done it without our student gardeners!

A very enthusiastic student gardener!

A very enthusiastic student gardener!

We placed 2 inch  by  4 foot  “spanners” acorss the length of the bed to give it added stability and prevent the 12 foot sides from bowing out under the weight of the soil. We should have set them higher, but we didn’t want to lose valuable soil space.

It's Level :)

It’s level 🙂

We also placed the weed block on the ground and set some rocks over it to hold it in place until tomorrow. The best part is, it’s level!

We hope you enjoyed this update. Keep checking back with us to stay in the know. Humanity is family. Thank you and God bless.

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