Building the Community & School Garden Day 1 1

We started this beautiful Florida morning by picking up supplies at Lowe’s and other stores. We are incredibly grateful for Lowe’s generosity. They donated the cedar wood to help us make the school garden a reality! Thank you very much Lowe’s 🙂 The kids were eager and excited to learn about gardening and cannot wait to start planting—and hopefully eating—their veggies!

Students learning about gardening.

New student gardeners learning about growing their own nutritious food at school!

What took us more time than expected was making sure that the garden was level. If the garden is slanted, then whenever we water plants, all the water would collect on the lower side, leaving little water for plants on the higher end. This would be like having a desert on one end and a tropical paradise on the other 🙂 Getting level is always the right thing to do 🙂

Making sure the garden is level.

Making sure the base of the garden is level.

We worked on other basics too, like treating the cedar wood with an environmentally friendly, natural wood treatment called Eco Wood Treatment. This ensures that the already resistant cedar wood lasts even longer.

Applying natural wood treatment to the cedar.

Applying natural wood treatment to the cedar.

The last task of the day was using a hand saw to cut smaller pieces of wood at angles to use them as stakes. These will help keep the garden’s walls steady and secure.

Stakes for Support

Hand-cutting stakes for support is not that easy 🙂 Use a power tool if you can—carefully.

We hope you enjoyed this update. Keep checking back with us to stay in the know. Humanity is family. Thank you and God bless.

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