Completed art kit for Cuban kids
We experienced an unforgettable trip to Cuba hoping to share art and art supplies with the kids. Every Saturday on Paseo del Prado, a famous walkway in downtown Havana, there’s a free art education event for all the children led by Cecilio Aviles, the creator of the famous Cuban cartoon […]

Art Supplies for Children in Havana, Cuba

We recently met Mohamed, a young Syrian Refugee, while visiting Turkey. We were ordering food in a restaurant and saw him asking people for money. We bought him food and surprised him with some art! Check out his reaction in our latest video

Our Friend Mohamed, a Refugee from Syria

Student gardeners inspecting the soil and planting seeds.
Can you guess what time of year it is? Would you like a hint? It’s our favorite season as gardeners. It’s Fall planting season! There are four seasons in all, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, although in Florida we seem to have just two: hot and less hot 🙂 We […]

Planting Seeds in School Garden Fall 2016

Fresh Florida Seaweed!
Some of our French magnolias ended up dying from disease. We’re still trying to figure out how, but it’s not all bad news; vegetable planting season is here and the magnolias were just a cover crop to prepare the bed for veggies. With so much new space on the garden, […]

Seaweed as Ground Cover for the School Garden

Ours is One of the Many Schools Lowe's Helped
When we started our school garden, we never thought so much of the community would support us! This post is a big thank you to all of our school garden sponsors! We contacted Lowe’s in need of some naturally water and bug resistant cedar wood and the management at our […]

Thank You School Garden Sponsors!

Completed Fire Truck Engine 74 Painting
We’ve been working on a watercolor painting to give as a gift to Hollywood Fire Rescue for a while now. Check out this time-lapse video showing the creative process and the completed painting!  

Painting for Hollywood Fire Rescue

Slinking Drip Irrigation Hose
Since our school garden is attempting the square-foot gardening method, we need an extra row instead of the three we have now. Our drip irrigation kit only came with 7 three-way links to connect the soaker hoses, which is why we could only make three rows. How did we solve […]

Drip Irrigation Update and Trial Run

Water timer connected to rain barrel and drip irrigation system.
The rain barrels are working wonders. We’ve had a few rainstorms in Miami lately and filled up one barrel near the 1/4 mark! Collecting rain water is one thing, but putting it to use is another.   We needed a way to water the garden without wasting a drop. We […]

Drip Irrigation with Rain Barrels

Completed rain barrel 1
The students at Clara Mohammed School wanted to learn all about water and conserve as much as they could. Barbara of Miami-Dade County’s Cooperative Extension Office heard our call and came to see us! To help us conserve water, we purchased 2 rain barrels for the school garden. The students […]

Rain Barrels & Art with Miami Dade County

We finished the school garden. 2
The school garden is complete! We started the day by giving our student gardeners a short lesson on the soil portions we were using and why they’re important for a healthy garden. The soil composition we chose was  1/3 peat moss, 1/3 mushroom compost, and 1/3 vermiculite with 20 pounds […]

We did it! The School Garden is Complete!